Purpose Coaching

Purpose Coaching

Envision  -  Embody  -  Create

Why am I here?

Who am I meant to be?

What am I meant to do?

What is the impact I want to bring to the world?

These existential questions are always present in our lives and affect both our personal lives and well as our professional performance.

By exploring your purpose, you will not only bring clarity into your life, but also a sense of intimacy with the world. Knowing your place in life  can create dynamics that support personal evolution  and the capacity to manifest your dreams.

Purpose coaching uses an intuitive approach you can easily relate to and that you can use by yourself after the program is over, to keep the change dynamic present in your life.

How does it work?

Purpose Coaching  is an integral coaching approach that tackles body, emotions and mind as equals. In the combined work with these three domains is where the possibility of long-lasting change resides.

In every coaching sessions that last around one hour, the coachee will experience deep conversations, profound emotional awareness and exciting and new body centered exercises, creating a powerful combination that enables awareness rising and change.

My role as a coach is one of a mirror. I will create a safe and trustworthy context in which the coaches can open up, and through my presence they will look at themselves and discover new ways of relating to life based on awareness, love and acceptance.

What coachees say about Purpose Coaching:

"I came to Pablo coaching sessions with a specific topic I wanted to work on. It turned out to be just the starting point of a process taking me on a journey through my emotional landscape. In the course of this journey Pablo helped me to identify unhealed wounds, untie knots and liberate judgments, using different visualization techniques."  K.R.

"I found this intuitive process of getting to and working on the actual core of my struggle very liberating. I always felt safe and relaxed in Pablo's guidance, and I was impressed by how every session took me a big step further. Each time I left light footed and lighter hearted, with a big smile on my face. I am very grateful for this experience and next time I get stuck, I hope to work with Pablo again." H.R

Purpose Coaching  is a  coaching approach that supports you to learn how to:

  • Find your mission in life and learn how to use it to create energy and movement.
  • Understand the language of your body and the wisdom of your emotions to be more present and relaxed so that your purpose can express itself.
  • Improve your self-confidence and have a positive impact on your personal/professional relationships.
  • Let go of toxic physical habits and patterns by becoming aware of the connections between body, mind, and emotions to achieve more coherence in your life.
  • Find ways to become more conscious, aware, mindful and present.
  • The main outcome you will get out of Purpose Coaching is Coherence. Coherence is understood as the alignment between what you feel, think, say and do.


What is Ontological coaching? Coaching approach that states that in order to achieve real and sustained changes in life we need to actively work in three domains, Language (mind), emotions and in the physical body. To work with the body this approach includes a hands on tool called body dispositions.

What is Archetypical bodywork? A practical approach based on a combination of the work done by G.C. Jung and Rolando Toro de creator of Biodanza. It uses body positions to invoke archetypical energies that create and inner dance that changes us from the inside out.

What is Biomechanics? A scientifically approach that studies human motion. In Coaching bodywork is used as a tool to become aware of how the body adapts to and is being shaped by movements we perform. It states that we are always training your body. If we sit 8 hours a day everyday this is what you are training your body to do.

What is Embodied cognition? A scientifically approach that states that the body influences the mind as much as the mind influences the body. It says that the way we perceive our body determines the way we use language; and that the way we use language determines the way we perceive reality.  Our mind is inherently embodied, listening to our body is the way we have to comprehend the relations we have with ourselves, others and the environment. Emotions, thoughts, sensations are all embodied experiences. In order to become aware of them and understand how to change our reality the best way is to develop skills to embody who you want to be. 

By learning how to listen to our bodies and emotions, we can make better sense of our thoughts. By integrating these levels of awareness with a clear spiritual idea  we can easily find the purpose  that will supoort us in life.

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