Islands of Sanity

Islands of Sanity

Evoking our best human qualities to create, relate, and persevere

03.11.20 - 15.12.20


In the midst of turmoil, the world is changing. When everything changes, it is important to have people that are able to make sense of what is going on. People that recognize their vulnerability but also their power. People who are grounded and feel safe to lead the way and who are sane in the midst of change.

In this dance cycle, we will explore how to BE an island of sanity and look past the chaos that seems to obscure our path.

We have the chance to act differently, we have the chance to dance our lives by a different set of values that are based on natural ecosystems.

A certain kind of values will guide our exploration. Values such as:

- Respect, (we all have a place)
- Collaboration, (we can all do it better)
- Togetherness, (we are all connected)
- Envisioning, (a dream dreamt together is more powerful)
- Leading to serve (my mission, my goal, my purpose)

If you are interested in healing your relationship with yourself and remembering how to be with others while respecting who you are, this dance cycle is for you.

Dance Rituals


Islands of Sanity is a series part of Dance Rituals and is based on the Biodanza system. These rituals are for love, by love and in love. To strengthen the conscious community through mindful movement dance rituals create sacred spaces where healing and transformation may happen.


Dance rituals/Biodanza sessions are a sacred space to explore the deep connections there are between the movement of the body, perception of the emotions, and awareness of the mind. The invitation is to use these tools to keep on learning the conscious use of the energy that is holding us. Dance rituals is the space where you can experience the feeling of oneness in a world filled with duality.


In each series, there will be movement, expansion, and connection in different levels,  opening the space where healing can occur. Through connecting with yourself and others in different ways we perceive the subtleness of what is inside and in-between. The healing comes when we become aware, present and feel what our true nature is.

Dance Rituals-Biodanza is held at Life Artist Creators Hub studio every Tuesday from 19:00 to 21:00.


Bookings and payments:


To book your place, payments and questions, please write

These sessions are for everybody. Dance Rituals aims to support everyone in their path to coherence and love, respecting each person personal process and abilities to move and connect.


Where: Life Artist Creators Hub. Mila Strasse 4, 10437 Berlin, Germany



140€  (reduced price)

Special price for special conditions is always possible.

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