Archetypes - Dance Journeys

Archetypes - Dance Journeys

24.03.20 - 28.04.20

“Dance, when you're broken open. Dance, if you've torn the bandage off. Dance in the middle of the fighting. Dance in your blood. Dance when you're perfectly free.”

Our whole story is written in our cells. The human species stories are written in every cell of our body. Even the information about life in the universe is also written in every cell of our body. The body is not a vessel to walk around in, we are the body and through it, we are connected to everything that was and is alive.
There are ways to access these deep layers of existence and tap into its source of collective wisdom. This dance cycle is designed to provide a safe space for us to explore the unconscious realms of reality, through the conscious movement of the body, and carefully curated dance waves filled with challenging and innovative exercises.

Our body affects and is affected by emotions and thoughts, that’s why in order to unlock our full potential the ideal way is through experiences that integrate the mind-emotion-body. No real change can be achieved/sustained without including an integral approach that includes the collective unconscious stored in our bodies.
Self-image, self-confidence, self-love, relationships, sexuality, creativity, relationship to nature and god are all experiences that are key to our well-being and for which the unconscious wisdom stored in our bodies is the key to unlock our full potential.
The Archetypes we will touch on are:
1. The Seeker. Is the element of our character that looks for enlightenment and inner transformation. The seeker thinks that everything revolves around being better, getting more, succeed and perfection. The journey of the seeker requires courage to break the barriers of the ego and embark on its quest of acceptance and self-love.
2. The Caregiver. The caregiver lives life from a moral sense and responsibility for the wellbeing of the self. Besides its own wellbeing, when positively integrated its mayor concern is the wellbeing of others and the overall good of humanity. When fully connected, it has the ability to sacrifice for the common greater good of the planet.
3. The Lover. The Lover wants to unify things. When influenced by the ego it seeks this love in the outside world, sometimes neglecting the love of self. When fully integrated is the symbol of the sacred bond with the higher self, with others and with the universe.
4. The Warrior. The warrior wants its needs to be met, and devotes itself to the "how" will they be met. When the warrior acts strictly in terms of its personal interest, is helping to develop the ego, but when the warrior broadens its perspective, it will brandish it sword to cut anything that might threaten its own survival or the survival of others.
5. The Fool. Is the element of our character that represents the multiplicity of consciousness. As the court jester, the fool laughs at the King and all those around him, taking their power away and helping them lose their rigidity. The fool also teaches us that most of the time we are just expressing our masks but almost never our true self. That’s why the Fool can also be seen as the preview of the true self. It teaches us to laugh at ourselves and not to take anything too seriously, not even ourselves.
6. The Creator. The creator helps us to awaken the seed of our true identity. It has the strength to create nonstop, but also often finds its energy scattered in too many places, turning that dispersion into blockages and dissatisfactions. The creator is our power and initiative that brings out the best of ourselves to create consciously our reality.
7. The Wizard. It´s the element that constantly transforms and heals our inner self when things become too rigid. It acts as an agent of regeneration and renewal, both for himself and for others. It is part of our character that can integrate the darkest parts of our self and transform them into useful energy.


7 Sessions, one each week, >Tuesday evenings at Life Artist Creators Hub<



Dance Rituals


Archetypes - Dance Journeys is a series part of Dance Rituals and is based on the Biodanza system. These rituals are for love, by love and in love. To strengthen the conscious community through mindful movement dance rituals create sacred spaces where healing and transformation may happen.


Dance rituals/Biodanza sessions are a sacred space to explore the deep connections there are between the movement of the body, perception of the emotions, and awareness of the mind. The invitation is to use these tools to keep on learning the conscious use of the energy that is holding us. Dance rituals is the space where you can experience the feeling of oneness in a world filled with duality.


In each series, there will be movement, expansion, and connection in different levels,  opening the space where healing can occur. Through connecting with yourself and others in different ways we perceive the subtleness of what is inside and in-between. The healing comes when we become aware, present and feel what our true nature is.

Dance Rituals-Biodanza is held at Life Artist Creators Hub studio every Tuesday from 20:00 to 22:00.


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These sessions are for everybody. Dance Rituals aims to support everyone in their path to coherence and love, respecting each person personal process and abilities to move and connect.


Where: Life Artist Creators Hub. Mila Strasse 4, 10437 Berlin, Germany



140€  (reduced price)

Special price for special conditions is always possible.

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