Cacao Ceremonies

Dancing Colibri Cacao Ceremonies

We dance like the colibri,

flying guided by our big heart,

leading the way into oneness.


We play like the colibri,

returning to the origin to remember,

expanding our wings to protect life.


We hum like the colibri,

invoking the sacred spirits of nature,

calling the presence of open hearted brothers and sisters.


We fly like the colibri,

facing our shadows, diving into our darkness,

enjoying the silence that comes from within.


We dance like the colibri,

honoring the way of our ancestors,

sharing sacred medicines that warm and open our hearts.

The Purpose to which we are committed to is to provide sacred spaces where everyone feels safe and free to open up and express love in all its facets and manifestations. For that we aim to gather groups of connected and open hearted people that believe in our vision and are willing to work to make it come true.

The way

Opening up and expressing love requires to let go the old paradigm of separation and individuality. Opening up is an expression that means embodying the connections we have with all living beings and with the living universe. Our work is for everyone who is ready to go this way, surrender and become one with the divine.

How do we train to surrender? By working with several ancient medicines that open up our heart as the main way to connect mind, body, spirit and expand to the infinite. The medicines that we have chosen to explore with in this path of love are Cacao and Dance.

Through these principles we keep learning to open up and express love in our earth.

•self-responsibility (you are responsible for your journey),

•community (we are all co-creators of what happen),

•love (guiding truth behind everything we do),


•mindfulness (being aware of your energy and the energies around you),

•Freedom (living your truth).

•Self-acceptance (lights and shadows, truth, space so people feel safe to confront themselves)

•We fly being aware. We ride knowing how to guide.

Next ceremony: 29.10.17

One on one or group sacred cacao ceremonies as a way to open our hearts, connect to inner silence, find peace and clarity, feel love and connection. 

Crystal Singing Bowls Healing concerts/ Sessions 

The Cacao ceremonies can be accompanied by sacred sound healing sessions using crystal singing bowls.

What is it?

The crystal singing blows are a musical instrument made out of quartz. Crystal. When played they send out powerful deep vibrations that can be used to achieve expanded states of consciousness. When played in a correct way and in the context of a healing session, these vibrations can bring powerful healing process. They dissolve blockages, open up space deep inside the body, they can reach structures deep inside ourselves and fill them with light and love.

How does it work?

The sacred sound healing sessions can be conducted as a group concert or as  one on one processes.  The concerts will be focused on opening the energetic center through deep vibrations.

The  one on one sessions consist of at least 7 one hour sessions   every one or two weeks. Through deep conversations, emotional and energetic awareness exercises, you will reach a level of awareness of what you want to leave behind or open up in your life. Then through the deep vibrations coming from the singing bowls,  you will   receive the support and vibrations you need to heal, open up and evolve to embody the new coherence you are desiring.

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