Co-creating Consciousness

A laboratory of exploration, innovation and creativity, where Berlin-based experts, practitioners and curious meet to weave knowledge and connect un-connected dots.

Our purpose is to contribute to the creation of inner peace and connectedness through conscious movement so that humanity finds a common evolutionary purpose.

We dance for life, we dance as a desperate act of survival, we dance to nurture our inner fire so our bodies can shine and our soul can heal.


We envision a world where we live in coherence with ourselves and where all living beings can express their truth in syncronicity with the rhythms of our mother earth.

To weave together the knowledge contributing to enhancing an ecological consciousness. Ecological means in this context the connection with our instincts, emotions and a healthy lifestyle characterized by a strong expression of existential fullness.

To integrate, share and complement expertise and knowledge, to build common ground, convene conversations, strengthen the bonds and create a context where innovation can occur.

To deepen the reflection on specific subjects related to human consciousness, contributing to making each technique more pertinent for today´s needs.

To enhance the network: create a context where people interested in human consciousness can meet people with similar interest.

To connects dots that weren´t connected before to enhance the comprehension of the human consciousness.


•Once a critical mass of people have achieved inner peace and move consciously, life itself will organize around a common evolutionary purpose that supports life.

•The evolutionary purpose is based on the idea that each person´s individual truth is aligned with life and in alignment with life principles. If we are all connected to our inner truth, life will thrive.

•Change happens by itself when the right conditions are in place.

•It is possible to enhance human consciousness and achieve constant financial abundance.

•People know the best way to enhance their consciousness when provided with enough freedom and confidence.

•Intuitive wisdom can be the guiding principle for individuals and organizations to find their evolutionary purpose.

In order to step up, we need to develop a series of skills that will allow us to act in a coherent way with what the planet is requiring from us. Harmony and conflict, men and women, light and shadow, black and white, life and death need to be seen as part of a whole. Life with its many colors invites us to connect, bring together, accept and work towards the integration of opposites in order to deal with the complexity of the living universe.


We are at a moment of human evolution when we are required to step up and meet the challenge of assuming our role as protectors of life. This means re-creating the meaning of what being human means and requires a process of resignification of such things as production and consumption, society (living together), relationships, environment, among others.

We are in the midst of an evolutionary quantum leap that invites us to remember our true nature and act in coherence in order to thrive and expand as species. Meeting points where this awakening can take place and is reflected upon are needed and 7Sessions is part of this evolutionary movement.   

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