Dance and Workshops

Movements withiun the Silence

08.01.19 - 26.02.19

When we are able to listen to ourselves, feel into what is present, say YES to it, and move coherently, the movement that comes from the heart is filled with meaning and purpose.


How often are we conscious of what we are feeling and how these feelings are transformed into action? Our culture has taught us to disregard what we feel and do what we need to do. We have many voices inside ourselves that we have learned to listen to. These voices overpower the ones we were born with, such as our feelings, sensations, intuition, instincts. These voices are wise and have the information we need to connect back with life and feel it beating strong within ourselves.


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Awakening Eros

29.03.19 - 31.03.19

San Fransisco California

Desire and pleasure are sacred and natural expression of our humanness. Sexual energy is life energy, sexual energy is creative energy. When we allow eroticism's creative power to liberate itself, express itself through us, this infinite source of life energy becomes available to us.


This weekend we invite you to co-create a safe and sacred container and let Eros be our guide.


Through our dances, we will open our hearts, and finally recognize the beauty and sacredness of our bodies,


we will awaken dormant and natural desires, and safely surrender to pleasure,


we will reconcile ourselves with our own natural erotic energy and through it dive in the secret of life,


we will realize that these powerful energies are part of who we are and that they are life's sacred gift.


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Purpose Coaching


Purpose Coaching is a coaching approach that support you to learn how to:


  • Find your mission in life and learn how to use it to create energy and movement.
  • Understand the language of your body and the wisdom of your emotions to be more present and relaxed so that your purpose can express itslef.
  • Improve your self-confidence and have a positive impact in your personal/professional relationships.
  • Let go of toxic physical habits and patterns by becoming aware of the connections between body, mind and emotions to achieve more coherence in your life.
  • Find ways to become more conscious, aware, mindful and present.
  • The main outcome you will get out of Purpose Coaching is Coherence. Coherence is understood as the alignment between what you feel, think, say and do.


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