Dance and Workshops

Tribal Gathering Berlin 2017

Protect the Sacred

This is the first big tribal gathering in the heart of Germany. The vision is to bring us together to the beautiful nature-green outskirts of Berlin to remember who we are and what we are here for.

To celebrate the end of the summer together and re-awaken the old memory of protecting the sacred.


A whole week of coming together in strong prayers around the fire in ancient ceremonies and enlighten the inner fire of our souls.

Wild dancing to free the raw warrior energy that is still within us all.

Howling to the moon and welcoming the sun each morning.

Reconnecting with the elements and nature within and around us.


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Dancing Colibri Cacao-dance


Feel welcome to join this experience of love, light, and evolution. This experience is centered on experiencing the power of community. We will create a powerful experience to feel connected, together and whole.


I prefer to call this space a Lab because it is a mixture between a ceremony and an exploratory experience. We will take elements of the ancient sacred and combine them with contemporary elements that make sense to us, to create a symbiotic meaningful experience that will speak directly to our hearts and our intellect.


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Fire Dances

Wake up the fire within


Our passions and purpose in life become alive through the fire that lies within our heart. The energy to do things, to conquer, to transform, to create and make things happen all need our fire. The fire in our heart is best felt by listening how our heartbeat creates waves of motion that, coming from within, manifest in the outside to transform our inner reality and our world. Do you feel it? Do you enjoy it? Do you use it?


Integrating the element fire in our life is a joyful and expansive experience. The passion you wish for is already inside of you, waiting patiently for you to be brave enough to open up, dance, feel, love and fly! This is the main objective of this dance series. To learn how to wake up, feel, nurture, accept, honor and use our inner fire as we dance following ancient rhythms and modern tunes.


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Purpose Coaching


Purpose Coaching is a coaching approach that support you to learn how to:


  • Find your mission in life and learn how to use it to create energy and movement.
  • Understand the language of your body and the wisdom of your emotions to be more present and relaxed so that your purpose can express itslef.
  • Improve your self-confidence and have a positive impact in your personal/professional relationships.
  • Let go of toxic physical habits and patterns by becoming aware of the connections between body, mind and emotions to achieve more coherence in your life.
  • Find ways to become more conscious, aware, mindful and present.
  • The main outcome you will get out of Purpose Coaching is Coherence. Coherence is understood as the alignment between what you feel, think, say and do.


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