Tribal Gathering Berlin 2017

Tribal Gathering Berlin 2018

Protect the Sacred






This is a big tribal gathering in the heart of Germany filled with magic and heart. After the success of the previous tribal gathering, we have decided to open this space again for all who are in need to live atrue community experience. The vision is to bring us together to the beautiful nature-green outskirts of Berlin to remember who we are and what we are here for.

To celebrate the end of the summer together and re-awaken the old memory of protecting the sacred.


A whole week of coming together in strong prayers around the fire in ancient ceremonies and enlighten the inner fire of our souls.

Wild dancing to free the raw warrior energy that is still within us all.

Howling to the moon and welcoming the sun each morning.

Reconnecting with the elements and nature within and around us.


We are part of the lineage of tribal culture since the beginning of mankind and this culture is still present until now all over the world.


Honoring the traditions and gifts of our ancestors, we will gather together as one tribe to celebrate life and honour mother earth and father sky.


The invitation is to come together as a community, using the ancient clan-system, where everyone is equal and will have the opportunity to speak up and be heard, to contribute, receive gifts, teach, share and learn.


We gather as a circle of family, friends and leaders. Re-empower each other to stand in our full strength.


We will have a free healing are just like in rainbow gatherings where we can share our gifts of healing and supporting each other to become whole again.

This gathering is a silent prayer. Ronny and I know it has a consciousness of its own, and our job is to listen how it wants to manifest. Now we have more clarity on the energy it wants to embody. This gathering will be guided following the energies of the Mayan calendar. In this calendar, each day has a distinctive energy. During the gathering, every activity, (meals, workshops, clan time, etc) that takes place will be guided by the energy of the day. As a community we will follow its guide as the ancient Mayan used to do.


Connecting with the energy of the universe through following old traditions is what motivates us. The thirteen day cycle in which the gathering will take place, is ruled by the fire of the yellow human. It is believed, that this sign is about empowering ourselves. This energy is used to ignite our inner fire and share this new inner strength with others to empower the world. During the gathering we will light a fire that will burn as a metaphor of the fire in our hearts and the heart of mother earth.


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Bookings and payments:


To book your place, payments and questions, please write to:

What you need to know to be there:



We have chosen an amazing place to host this gathering. It will give us the opportunity to enjoy each other’s presence around nature, where we will swim, stroll around the woods, play and chill.

If you want to see more of the place, here is the link


The Tribal Gathering is limited to 150 guests.



will be shared soon.


It includes brunch and dinner. All the food will be fully vegan and mostly organic and prepared with consciousness and love.

We will cook all together guided by an amazing vegan chief cook.


During the Gathering there will be sweat lodges held by these and other medicine men/women for a small additional price.


Families with children are welcome. During the Gathering, there will be child care to accompany the children to play and explore the place, but parents will be responsible for the well-being, safety and free time of their children. Children will be treated as one more member of the tribe with space to speak and responsibilities to fulfill.



Some images from last year´s Tribal Gathering

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