The Ecological Family

The reasons we dance, the reasons we move, the reasons we evolve.

Our space is safe, our space is sacred. Our space is a co-creation based on love, affection and acceptance. Our space is now open for those who need a safe/sacred space to dance, heal, learn and evolve together.

This dance cycle is an opportunity to remember who we are, and reconnect with our potentials to be loving, creative and transcendence. Specially this is a place for experiencing togetherness and connection.

Being together is one of the most rewarding and challenging experiences there is. We know we need each other in order to thrive and express our full potential, and at the same time when we live in together we are constantly triggered by others and their ways of living.

I’m convinced that in order to live together, not only in closed communities, but also in our societies, we need to learn a series of basic skills and develop a special sensitivity that is needed to be and co-create with others. We need to remember basic natural ways of connecting with each other. This is what the ecologic family is all about.

Starting by feeling ourselves and from a deep feeling of acceptance and self-love, in this dance cycle we will practice how we can feel each other, learn how to walk together, synchronise our rhythms, sense where the other is at and how to meet in the middle. We will go into dance journeys to dissolve our borders, melt and experience togetherness as a deeply transformative experience.

If you are interested in healing your relationship with yourself and remembering how to be with others while respecting who you are, this dance cycle is for you.

7 Sessions, one each week, >Tuesday evenings at Life Artist Creators Hub<



At this point of evolution, we have a responsibility to change our world. How to embody this change? By remembering the basic principles of life that lay within ourselves. By waking up the dormant potentials that connect us with life. By becoming the best version of ourselves.


Social transformation requires collective action. In this dance cycle, we will explore how to create collective action that comes from a deep understanding of who we are; collective actions based on love, acceptance, compassion, and gratitude among others.


We will explore these questions through conscious movement of our body and our soul. We will draw inspiration from our ancestors, and dance for our children. We will celebrate life and find the courage to save it.

Each session will be an opportunity to use conscious movement to achieve a more organic, self-organizing experience of sensing and responding to the instincts present here and now. In each session, we will enter a journey that will take us to deep trance states to feel and learn how to live our lives connected with our instincts.

Each session will open with a talking circle that will last around 30´. The circle will be followed by a semi-guided (Biodanza-based) dance wave. It is not free dance. It is a consciousness training through movement.

Because the purpose is to achieve deep states of trance and transformation, in this series the group will be a closed group from the beginning. There are only 25 spots open.

Guided by:

Pablo is a Berlin-based entrepreneur, Biodanza teacher, Yogui, coach and consultant. His life has been a journey of searching for his own path by integrating the practical world of business and the integral world of yoga and dance. His goal in life is to lead processes of enhancing human consciousness with gratitude and love to help create a better world.

Since 2005 he is a certified Biodanza Didacta teacher by the International Biocentric Foundation. As a teacher, he has taught Biodanza students and teachers to deepen their practice and enhance their comprehension of the system. Applying Biodanza, he has designed and delivered several organizational programs with both private and public organizations. He delivers on a regular basis extensions such as Biodanza and shamanism and Biodanza in organizations, as well as workshops and weekly sessions in Berlin. Juan Pablo has been invited to participate as a teacher, dancer and speaker at several international conferences of Biodanza in more than 10 countries in four continents.

His main focus in Berlin is to expand and share with the world his visions and thrive by helping to create a world in which consciousness and mindfulness are key to evolve as species. 7 Sessions is the platform he has created to connect unconnected dots. This means to lead, participate and sponsor with independent-conscious, collaborative entrepreneurs/projects by acting as a platform for new, inspiring and integrative relationships.

7 Sessions, one each week, >Tuesday evenings at Life Artist Creators Hub<


The Ecological Family


Dance Rituals


The ecological family is a series part of Dance Rituals and are based on the Biodanza system. These rituals are for love, by love and in love. To strengthen the conscious community through mindful movement dance rituals creates sacred spaces where healing and transformation may happen.


Dance rituals/Biodanza sessions are a sacred space to explore the deep connections there are between movement of the body, perception of the emotions, and awareness of the mind. The invitation is to use these tools to keep on learning the conscious use of the energy that is holding us. Dance rituals is the space where you can experience the feeling of oneness in a world filled with duality.


In each series, there will be movement, expansion, and connection in different levels,  opening the space where healing can occur. Through connecting with yourself and others in different ways we perceive the subtleness of what is inside and in-between. The healing comes when we become aware, present and feel what our true nature is.

Dance Rituals-Biodanza is held at Life Artist Creators Hub studio every Tuesday from 20:00 to 22:00.


Bookings and payments:


To book your place, payments and questions, please write

These sessions are for everybody. Dance Rituals aims to support everyone in their path to coherence and love, respecting each person personal process and abilities to move and connect.


Where: Life Artist Creators Hub. Mila Strasse 4, 10437 Berlin, Germany



140€  (reduced price)

Special price for special conditions is always possible.

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