The Deepness of Love Retreat

The Deepness of Love 

Biodanza Retreat


Lanzarote, Spain

During this retreat, we will work with the two masculine and feminine principles revealing internal principles that create an environment of health and harmony. It is a path of integration from the heart which can deeply transform the identity to the extent that it opens us to serve life from our soft presence and powerful tenderness. Guided by the movements of the heart of men and women moved by love, the feminine, and the masculine will become one.

The current world in which we live is a clear reflection of the imbalance between these two principles. This inequality generates predatory, compulsive, dissociated and diseased dynamics.

Today we see the need to travel a path of integration for new men and new women. A path where the presence of integrated men and women puts their humanity at the service of life.

During this retreat, we will explore what does integration mean and find ways to express harmonically both the masculine and the feminine within us. 

The retreat will be guided by three experienced facilitators and will be delivered both in English and Spanish. 

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