Circles of Movement



You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the ocean in a drop.




These sessions are inspired by two images. First, the image of waves of movement that invites us to open up, take a journey within and feel deeply what is there to be felt. The second image is of open-hearted people coming together in circles to create sacred spaces of transformation.

When we become soft and stay present, the movement of our body can be felt as waves where one movement leads to the next until a never-ending chain of individual movements transforms itself into profound dance.

When we stay soft and become present, we can listen to the silence within and the space for the sacred has the opportunity to be felt, and transformation, evolution, expansion happens by itself organically.

Dances of authenticity, connection, exploration, expansion, contraction, will be part of these sessions, in which a semi-guided dance wave will invite us to feel deep within ourselves.

If you feel the call to explore conscious movement, connect with yourself from your deep truth, explore with others different kind of contact and touch, please join us to complete this circles of movement with your presence.


What will you get by being part of the cycle?

-A safe space to explore yourself guided by an experienced facilitator.

-Knowledge on how to access deep trance states key to heal yourself.

-Understanding what are the hidden connections between you and the universe.

-Movements, techniques, inspired in ancient rites and dances that speak to your unconscious.

-Connection with amazing inspiring dancers.

-Deep group process where you will have the opportunity to share your comprehensions and questions regarding your own development.


Each session will open with a talking circle that will last around 30´. The circle will be followed by a semi-guided (Biodanza-based) dance wave. It is not free dance. It is a consciousness training through movement.


Normally I work with close groups because the purpose is to achieve deep states of trance and transformation, but this time you can experience the quality and deepness of the sessions without needing to commit to a long process. There are only 20 spots open.



1 session: 20€

3 sessions: 50€


There are only 20 spots open. To book your spot please write to


Where: K77. Kastanienalle 77. 10435, Berlin.


When: Tuesday evenings at K77 (12.0618 - 19.06.18 - 26.06.18)

20:15h - 22:30h



Special price for special conditions is always possible.


Facebook event here

Circles of Movement

The Drop-in Sessions

12.0618 - 19.06.18 - 26.06.18


Dance Rituals/Biodanza

Circles of movement is a series part of Dance Rituals and are based on the Biodanza system. These rituals are for love, by love and in love. To strengthen the conscious community through mindful movement dance rituals creates sacred spaces where healing and transformation may happen.



Dance rituals/Biodanza sessions are a sacred space to explore the deep connections there are between movement of the body, perception of the emotions, and awareness of the mind. The invitation is to use these tools to keep on learning the conscious use of the energy that is holding us. Dance rituals is the space where you can experience the feeling of oneness in a world filled with duality.


In each series, there will be movement, expansion and connection in different levels, opening the space where healing can occur. Through connecting with yourself and others in different ways we perceive the subtleness of what is inside and in-between. The healing comes when we become aware, present and feel what our true nature is.


In Dance Rituals/biodanza is held in K77 studio every Tuesday from 20:15 to 22:15.


Bookings and payments:


To book your place, payments and questions, please write

These sessions are for everybody. Dance Rituals aims to support everyone in their path to coherence and love, respecting each person personal process and abilities to move and connect.

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